Most of us have faith.  My question is what kind of faith do you have?   Do you have active faith, passive faith, hoping faith, strong faith, or weak faith?  If you have weak faith, you are thinking, "I know God can, but I don’t know if it’s his willGod is in the good things that happen, and he’s in the bad things that happen." (Do you see the doubt?)


Hoping faith is the kind of faith that says, "I hope that will happen but I really don't know."  I don't see examples of that kind of faith in the Bible, so where did that come from? THE ENEMY.  "I hope that is true.  I hope that will happen, but I don’t really know."  I don’t see examples of that kind of faith in the Bible.


 Strong faith is the kind of faith that says,  "I know he hears, can, and will answer my prayers." You don't question his ability or his desire to answer your request - you're just waiting. 


Active faith belongs to the people who say, "Praise God! Alleuluia! I thank you for answered prayer.  You are an awesome provider, protector, and partner. You are good all the time."    They have strong faith and are putting it into action.  They are not on a waiting list. They are instrumental in bringing the answers into existence. They know He hears, and they know that He answers, so now they are thanking Him for the request and speaking to everyone as though it is completed.   They are confident. The more they speak the end results, the greater their faith becomes.  


Is your faith in your thoughts or in your mouth?       


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